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Gain insights into visits and page views to your Notion pages.

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Notion Analytics Graph

Visualize traffic to your Notion pages. Track visits and page views, and how long users stuck around.

Notion Analytics Graph

Break down visits by individually-tracked pages and see where visitors are located and type of device used.

Notion is one of the best ways to easily create beautiful and functional content and sites. NotionHits helps you to understand how that content is performing.

Setup is easy. Start tracking Notion pages by creating tracking links at NotionHits and pasting the unique link in a Notion /Embed block. Done!

The tracking link is invisible to your users and works on private and public pages and light and dark mode.

Analyze results from your NotionHits Dashboard. Discover your most valuable content and further develop and grow your Notion pages.

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How does NotionHits work?

Visits to your Notion pages are tracked through an embedded NotionHits link. You can create an unlimited number of tracking links to track as many Notion pages as you would like.

What does the embedded link look like?

Once added to the bottom of your Notion page and sized down as small as possible, the tracking link is effectively invisible to visitors. Take a look at the demo on this demo Notion page.

Does NotionHits respect the privacy of page visitors?

Yes! NotionHits utilizes privacy-focused analytics provider Fathom. The data collected does not include personally-identifiable information, making it exempt from GDPR, CCPA. ePrivacy and PECT laws. No annoying cookies! Furthermore, NotionHits does not request any access to your Notion account or workspaces.

Does NotionHits work on private pages?

Yes! both private and public pages are supported.

How far back can I view collected data?

Your analytics data is retained from the point you embed your NotoinHits link on your Notion page. You can customize the dashboard view based on date and individual pages.

Is NotionHits affiliated with Notion?

No. NotionHits is not affiliated with Notion, but we love them!